​Traxer is your partner for the fast and reliable delivery of design and technical prototypes

​Traxer is a specialist in 3D printing technology!

Competence in technology, material, software and consulting from a single source. 

​Together with our technology partners, we provide ideas and solutions. for the automotive OEM and their suppliers, as well as many 3D printing users. We produce functional prototypes and special series as well as concept models and components in high production and material quality. In addition, we have developed an environmentally-friendly alkaline concentrate, which has been optimized for the removal of alkali-soluble support material in cleaning systems with 3DWASH.

​​If desired or beneficial, we also rely on external service providers from our network. This allows us to use the most appropriate printing technology. We also have the right partner for modeling, special mold making, tool making and large geometries. At the same time, we naturally monitor the manufacturing process, the post-processing, and, last but not least, the logistics up to the complete processing, so that your 3D model is maintained in the best quality and in a timely manner.

​We realize ideas and problems individually and professionally for you

​3D Printing Technology

​3D printing allows the layered construction of three-dimensional bodies completely in one step without tools or moldings with a printer. This production method is particularly suitable for individual pieces, small series or bodies with special material and strength requirements. The complexity does not play an important role, since, for example, For example, internal parts and cavities are to be produced in one piece. At the same time, high strengths with a low weight can be achieved, depending on the material and the production process.


​We would be pleased to advise you on the special features for 3D printing (example tolerances, dimensions, materials, strengths and preparation of the print data). When designing, it is usually important to ensure that the printing process is optimized with a 3D printer. For this, we can also offer you simulations for the analysis of structural strength (CAE). Should you need design, development or construction capacities, we can support you competently with our international partners!

​​3DWASH – ​Cleaning Agent for your 3D Print

​​3DWASH is specially developed and has been optimized for the removal of all common alkali-soluble support materials such as used with Stratasys® 3D printers.

3DWASH is designed to be user friendly and safe in handling. The special chemical composition allows optimal results even at low PH levels.

3DWASH is available in boxes of 24 sachets à 180g and in plastic boxes of 2,88kg and dosing bucket. This product is available in 9 languages (de, en, fr, cs, nl, pt, it, es, sv).

more about 3DWash


​Do you have questions or a request? We would be glad to advise you on solutions for your economic and technical needs.

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